Dear Frustrated Fashionista, Frumpy-Feeling Mama, Style-Stuck Lady, and ANY woman who wants to look and feel fabulous:

Have you been feeling a little more frumpy than fabulous lately and want to learn how to make your closet like your own personal clothing boutique, filled with pieces that you love, look amazing on you, and FIT? This is for you.

What if you already know what types of clothing you like and you want to get laser-focused on discovering your best colors, silhouettes, and the best tips and tricks for accessories? This is for you!

Or what if, you are a complete fashion newbie and feel like you have ZERO confidence when it comes to shopping and styling yourself, but you have a desire to learn the basics and you want to look and feel your best.... THIS is for you!

In 2016 when Instagram was exploding and we were seeing more and more amazing-looking influencers on our social media feeds every day, I decided to take my own fashion curiosity into my hands and learn the nitty-gritty basics of style. I trained under a Certified image consultant for over a year and a half, and since then, I've been speaking on stages across America, teaching women the ins and outs of developing a great personal style!

Whether you already have a closet full of clothes, or you have a sparse wardrobe and you want to learn how to shop for yourself, this class is for you!  Find your most flattering looks, your best colors, and learn the rules of style to make shopping and dressing a breeze.


Nearly 80% of ALL WOMEN polled believe that they could use help with fashion and beauty. There has never been a better time to serve women JUST LIKE YOU! You can walk into a store with confidence knowing that, through the process of elimination, you are choosing the perfect pieces for yourself AND you're not wasting money. Learn how to dress for your body shape so that you are taking advantage of your most flattering assets, and camouflaging any trouble areas.

This video class is PERFECT for anyone who wants to elevate their style, learn what looks best on them, wants to develop fashion confidence, has a desire to learn more about inner and outer beauty, and needs a GREAT wardrobe!


Have you always wanted to shop on purpose, not on impulse, but never know where to start? Don’t worry any longer- the hard work has been done for you! Any woman can learn the core rules of fashion and style with these simple steps.


It’s never been easier to be a STYLISH WOMAN where you not only look your best but FEEL your best, too!


Learning about fashion and style could be one of the most rewarding things you've EVER done in your life! We will be using my six pillars of style as our preferred method of learning about fashion. All students will receive unique access to see me teach things NO ONE has seen me teach before, from start to finish!

Style Class is a step by step video course where I will be teaching you how to dress your best, from start to finish! This class is NOT for the woman who refuses to acknowledge her own worth and beauty. This class is NOT for the woman who isn't ready to change, to feel better, and to have a fresh wave of inspiration in her wardrobe. This class is for the person who will DO THE WORK and learn the perfect recipe for a style that you can be PROUD OF!

Let's learn about your "Style Personality." I'll teach you how to identify the types of clothes that reflect your unique individuality, and you'll be shocked how easy it is to find them in stores! You will also receive my LIVE Style Class recording as a bonus so NOTHING is left unturned and you are FULLY equipped to live a stylish and fabulous life!

We will even cover parts of fashion and style that most people don't talk about, like your perfect hemlines, how many accessories are too many, getting your perfect color scheme, and more!

Your Video Class Starts INSTANTLY!

This "learn at your own pace" class puts you in the driver's seat with videos from Whitney, done in the comfort of your own home!

REGISTER NOW and let's learn all about fashion, beauty, and style together!


WHEN: Class starts INSTANTLY!

How: All of your lessons will be delivered in a private membership site for you to access indefinitely and add to your learning library.



  • 15 video trainings (14 class content lessons PLUS an hour-long bonus LIVE Style Class recording Whitney added)
  • Private Video Membership Site For All Members to review content on computer, laptop, and smartphone
  • Special STYLE secrets never taught before by Whitney in live Style Classes
  • Step By Step rules for curating a custom wardrobe


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  • INCLUDES The Get Dressed Challenge E-Book $50 value

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