Discover God's Plans & Purposes for Your Life In Just 7 Days

God has a BIG plan for your life, and in this e-Course from Whitney Meade, you will discover how He has uniquely created YOU to grow His Kingdom!


Meet Whitney Meade, the creator and instructor of 7 Days to Dream

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What's Included:

7 Daily

In 5 minutes or less, Whitney will guide you through 7 quick, easy-to-watch videos to get your mind focused on daily journaling topics.


Download and print or use your own personal journal to answer daily questions in your quiet time with God!


Chat and share in the comments with Whitney and other participants in 7 Days to Dream; bounce ideas and share your heart!

Here's What You'll Learn

By beginning this course today, you'll experience breakthrough in your search for purpose and identity. You're going to have a life-changing experience of searching out the heart of God for who you are and what He created you to be!

Whitney will teach you how to reflect on your life and identify the dreams and plans that have been stolen from you by the enemy. She will teach you how to recover those dreams and how to begin pursuing them again. She'll show you how to build accountability into your life, and you will grow in your quiet time relationship with the Lord.

Finally, Whitney will show you how to combine all of your new discoveries into 1, 3, and 5 year plans so that you can be focused and determined on pursuing your new calling! When you complete this e-course, you will feel purpose-filled and have a clear direction on God's plans for your life.

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